Pia Gazzola was born in Negrar di Valpolicella – Verona – on June 4, 1945.

After schooling in Milan, higher education at ICART in Paris, and qualifying at the Central Institute for Restoration in Rome, in 1974 she moved to Vienna where she resided for thirty years, working as an expert at the laboratories of the Austrian Federal Monuments Institute.

This experience deeply influenced her artistic journey, which started in 1986 when she decided to “break her silence” and create her own works. Her poetics is closely related to the themes of the silent expressive form of nature, traces, signs, and the exploration of different “qualities of time”. Integral to her work and artistic research are the artists’ book, installations, photography, and experimental projects. In 1999 she began a project called “Capire al Volo” involving teams of homing pigeons, which explored the theme of the perception of time and distance in relation to digital media.

Over the course of three years the wide-ranging project included exhibitions, installations, and performances at the Humboldt Universität in Berlin, the Academy University of Applied Art in Vienna, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Bonn, and the contemporary art collection of the Certosa di Padula in the province of Salerno. In 2004 Pia returned to Italy and settled permanently in the countryside in Valpolicella. From 2005 to 2014 she taught in Italy at the Accademia d’Arte Cignaroli in Verona, of which she was appointed a member, and as visiting lecturer at Cooper Union University and New York University for the Advanced Architecture Laboratory. From 2014 to 2019 she gave lectures and workshops on the theme “The language of shadow: transfers and transformation” at the Universidad CEU San Pablo in Madrid and the Palacio de Cristal, an exhibition space of the Reina Sofia Museum. In ***, at the Ivorypress gallery in Madrid, she exhibited the project “segni di segni”, which became part of the Artists’ Books Collection of Elena and Norman Foster. She has also published a photo book on the treatment of culture in the city, “Romeo e Giulietta la tragedia di Verona”, and exhibited the project “Sorvolo” at the Galleria la Città in Verona.

In 2022 the Natural History Museum of Verona hosted two exhibitions of her projects: “segni di segni” and “pagine fossili”. Her works are found in various collections in Italy and abroad.


Solo shows

Studio la Città, Verona

“segni di segni”
Ivorypress Space, Madrid
Catalogo con testo di Juan Navarro Baldeweg

“museum in progress”, Vienna
Weekly “Rondo” STANDARD (daily newspaper)
Published Project: “Keine Geduld”

“museum in progress”, Vienna
Weekly “Rondo” STANDARD (daily newspaper)
Published Project: Series “auch die Blumenmachen Sex“

“museum in progress”, Vienna
International Project: “TransActs”

“capire al volo”
Akademie der Bildenden Künste Wien
Atelierhaus – Semper DepotVienna
Speakers: Prof. Carl Prusha, Rektor der Akademie der Bildenden Kunste, Wolfgang Kos

Akademie der Bildenden Künste Wien: Atelierhaus – Semper Depot, Vienna
Videopresentation and Book presentation of the Project
“capire al volo /im fluf versthen”

“Fossili – Seiten/Steine”
Galerie Semina Rerum – Irene Preiswerk, Zürich

Galeria Ferran Cano, Palma de Mallorca

Galerie Bienenstein, Vienna

“dinge als Komplizen / le cose complici”
Galeria Karin Schorm, Vienna
Catalogue con testi di Georg Schöllhammer, Jacqueline
Burckhardt, Philippe Duboy.

Galleria Fioretto, Padova
Catalogo con testi di Ferdinand Schmatz, Alessandro

Group exhibitions

“Book in the Box” Seconda Edizione
A cura del Direttivo MAC
Archivio di Stato, Mantova
Ottavo appuntamento con la “Giornata del Contemporaneo”

Art Foundation Rodriguez-Acosta, Granada
Residenza artistica

“Carta e pensiero: il libro”
A cura di Gino Castiglioni
Biblioteca Civica, Verona

”Le Opere e i Giorni” 2002-2004
a cura di Achille Bonito Oliva
Museo della Certosa di S. Lorenzo, Padula-Salerno
Catalogo Skira

“LUFT“, Bonn
Schriftenreihen Forum/ Band 12 Elemente des
Naturhaushalts IV
Wissenschftliche Redaktion: Bernd Busch
Essay: Brieftauben-Projekt
“capire al volo“ Verona-Wien-Berlin (1998/2002)
Publisher: WIENAND, Bonn

a cura di Monika Schwarzler
T.K. Lang Gallery / Webster University Vienna

Trevi Flash Art Museum, Perugia
Catalogo:Trevi Flash Art Museum n.20, con testi di Paolo Nardone
Editore Giancarlo Politi, Milano

Basel Art 26
Galerie Karin Schorm, Vienna

Marktl (AT)
Forum, Art Foundation Neuman-Krupp


“Reliquie di tempo”
A cura di Achille Bonito Oliva
Museo della Certosa di S. Lorenzo, Padula-Salerno

“Retrovie e Avanguardie”
A cura di Giobatta Meneguzzo
Museo Casabianca, Malo-Vicenza
Catalogo Casablanca

Museum Kunst-und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Bonn
Video: “capire al volo”, video: “Luft” video “colori al volo”

“Time Sculpture”- Progetto “capire al volo”
Humboldt–Universität zu Berlin in collaborazione con The Institute of Cultural Science

“Time Sculpture”: “Columba” staged parallel to “capire al volo”Linz (AT)
Festival for Art Technology and Society Ars Electronica
Center – Museum of the Future
Catalogo: Ars  Electronica 98

Progetto internazionale: “capire al volo”
“progetto sul tempo / via colombi viaggiatori /via satellite”
“project on time / via carrying pigeons / via satellite”

”vierblättrig zupfen”
Sargfabrik Faundation, Vienna

Fahnenfestival, Krems (AT)